The Singing Biologist is a musical about a young woman’s passionate investigation into the nature of love. Rose is a jazz singer steering her group to a shot at the big time with a show that mixes science and love song with an intimate study into the sex lives and loves of her audience. She auditions performers, presents concerts, interviews audiences and sets the groundwork for her definitive big show, including dancers in Paleolithic costumes, unaware that the wiles of the theater management threaten to sink her adventurous project.

Rose recruits the biologist-singer Shandra to join her troupe, and gets Shandra’s lovesick colleague, Dana in the bargain. Dana brings music he’s composed from DNA, hoping to be part of Rose’s company and closer to Shandra.

Rose meets Hugh in an on-line chat room. He’s a conflicted Brother in a religious order and a teacher of the Ethics of the New Biology. They soon become subjects in their own experiment in romantic tragedy, another thread in the intricate web of easy love and deeply felt relationships that Rose weaves into her music.

The Singing Biologist ambitiously wrings the boundaries of ethics, religion, biology and love into an inquisitive romance that puts flesh on the premise: ‘It takes a rockin’ scientist to sing a modern love song.’